How To Buy
Internet Sales Policy

Internet sales are strictly prohibited and unauthorized.

Any Fujitsu General HVAC systems purchased on the Internet, from an online retailer or any similar e-tailing website, OR where the original factory serial numbers of the display have been removed, defaced, or replaced in any way WILL NOT BE COVERED BY WARRANTY.

The Details:

  • Fujitsu General's full line of Airstage ductless mini-split heating and cooling products specifically excludes products purchased through on-line retailers and resellers.
  • Fujitsu General does not authorize online retail sales of any of its products.
  • Authorized distributors are able to operate password protected sites to sell Fujitsu General products to qualified technicians, however they are not allowed to sell Fujitsu General products on the Internet or through any on-line retailer or similar e-tailing web site.
  • Fujitsu General sells its Airstage ductless mini-split heating and cooling products through authorized distribution channels to ensure the highest quality product. Therefore, the warranty is valid only if the product was purchased new from an authorized Fujitsu General distributor or contractor and the original factory serial numbers have not been removed, defaced or replaced in any way. Fujitsu General distributors and contractors are not permitted to sell Fujitsu General products with serial numbers that have been altered.

The Background:

This policy has been in place since 2004 to ensure that everyone who purchases a Fujitsu General ductless mini-split system gets the full benefits of their purchase. The only way customers can be certain of full warranty protection and unmatched performance is if they purchase a Fujitsu General system from an authorized distributor or contractor. Authorized distributors are responsible for who they sell our products to. We partner with the finest distributors who also choose to support the HVAC contractor by not selling to online retailers.

Specifics of the warranty policy are stated in the included with the Fujitsu General America, Inc. Limited Warranty Statement purchase of all Airstage systems.